Firecrest 85mm Holder Kit

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Firecrest 85mm Holder Kit


The Firecrest 85mm Holder Kit comprises the following:

  • Firecrest 85mm holder with polariser control wheel

  • 77mm Firecrest circular polariser

  • CPL rotates using unique geared system within the holder

  • 77mm Step-up ring

  • 72-77mm Step-up Ring

  • 67-77mm Step-up Ring

  • 58-77mm Step-up Ring

  • Luxury pouch

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Firecrest 85mm Holder Kit - Features


Light but Strong

Our Firecrest 85mm holder is constructed from high-quality lightweight materials; the body is aircraft grade matt anodised aluminium. The slots are made from a high-grade Nylon that cannot scratch your filters - both glass and resin.

This results in an extremely solid holder which weighs only 110g with circular polariser installed

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Fast and Strong

Our holder fits directly to the 77mm circular polariser (CPL) or step rings. The holder is secured with the twist of a simple thumb screw giving you an extremely secure mechanical contact you can trust.

It is so simple you can operate it with a single hand!

The integrated gasket seals the unit protecting your photography from annoying reflections, filter flexing or light leaks.


Precision Gearing

The precision geared ring means you can still rotate your CPL independently of the holder giving you unrivalled control of your composition.


Integrated CPL

The holder comes with a high grade full sized 77mm circular polariser.

Operated from an independent side wheel for speedy composition and use without sacrificing control.

Firecrest 85mm Step Rings

Step-Up Rings for Firecrest 85mm Holder

These step up rings are for use with the Firecrest 85mm Holder system and are available in the following sizes:

  • 77-77mm

  • 72-77mm

  • 67-77mm

  • 62-77mm

  • 58-77mm

  • 52-77mm

  • 49-77mm

  • 46-77mm

  • 43-77mm

  • 40.5-77mm

  • 37-77mm

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