The world's first hyper-neutral ND

© Jose Ramos

© Jose Ramos

Firecrest ND is a quantum leap improvement over all previous generation ND and IRND products and represents the technological state of the art in scientific light modification. These glass filters are hyper-neutral across the visible light spectrum and also remove more IR contamination than any other filter - making them IRND filters. 

Firecrest is a radical departure in how ND filters are manufactured. Previous generation NDs were made by dying resin. Firecrest is not a dying process, it is a rare earth metal coating process that is applied directly to the glass through an electrolytic process.

Firecrest 100mm Holder System

A Revolution In Filter Holder Design

Holder Features

  • Revolutionary new top and bottom covers to almost completely eliminate light leak.

  • Caps can be removed when using graduated filters.

  • 82mm lens thread adaptor with step rings for 67mm, 72mm and 77mm included

  • Step rings for 46mm, 52mm, 58mm and 62mm available for separate purchase.

  • Integrated top of the range Firecrest 82mm multicoated polariser comes as standard within the system with geared mechanism allows for easy rotation whilst installed.

  • 2 fixed filter slots for 100mm filters

  • Extremely high quality lightweight aluminium design with extra oxidisation to reduce likelihood of scratching

Night filter.jpg

Firecrest 100mm Nightscape

The filter explicitly designed to remove the light spectrums associated with light pollution and sodium lamps. Ideal for Astro, Night and Urban Photography.

Multi stop_08_low_res.jpg

All new 77mm Multistop Filter

The Variable ND is a speciality filter designed to allow quick and continuously variable adjustment of light attenuation between approximately 1-6 stops, depending on conditions.

Graduated Neutral Density

Available in Firecrest Glass and Resin

© Craig Richards

© Craig Richards

Neutral density (or ND) filters produce a grey neutral tone and are used in photography to reduce light reaching the digital sensor. Graduated filters feature the ND effect on half of the filter and are optically clear on the other half of the filter with a gradual transition between the two sections. Graduated ND filters balance the bright sky to the darker terrain below and are essential tools in landscape and outdoor photography. Graduated NDs are available in a variety of types:

Signature Edition Kits

For landscape, long exposure, and travel photography, plus a master kit

© Ken Kaminesky

© Ken Kaminesky

Signature Edition kits feature a selection of filters chosen by top professional photographers and make it easy to purchase the perfect filter kit for your style of photography. Simply choose the kit that best suits your photographic needs, then choose your filter size, filter material, and adapter ring size, and you're ready to shoot. Signature Edition kits are available in the following configurations:

  • Landscape Filter Kit, Colby Brown Signature Edition

  • Long Exposure Filter Kit #1 & #2, Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition

  • Travel Filter Kit, Elia Locardi Signature Edition

  • Master Filter Kit, Ken Kaminesky Signature Edition

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